{Beauty Review} Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment

Last month I was lucky enough to frequent the gorgeous city
of Cape Town twice. There, I finally got to experience the lusciousness that is
a Lush store. It was lovelier than I had could have imagined and I spent a good
half hour ogling, touching and sniffing all the products. The staff at the
V&A Waterfront store were absolutely fabulous that day and after dropping a few compliments (which totally made my day) they intricately
explained and recommended products to me. I was mainly interested in the bath
bombs as they are the easiest to travel with (I didn’t want to risk any leakage
of precious liquid!) After purchasing a few bath bombs for my mom and I, that
fabulous staff I was talking about gifted me with a Marilyn Hair Treatment. I
bet they could tell that going from brunette to blonde had left my hair in dire


The Marilyn Hair Treatment is said to provide softness,
brightness and shine for blonde hair. Some ingredients include softening
linseed gel, chamomile for lightness and to calm your scalp, saffron for golden
colour, lemon for shine and olive oil to moisturise your hair. It also lightens
hair gradually.


When reading reviews on beauty products it is important to
remember that some people might experience a product differently than others. I’m emphasising this point here because during
my research of the Marilyn Hair Treatment, I came across some negative reviews
about it. My encounter with the product however was particularly pleasant; my
hair seems to love it. To be honest, the product doesn’t look too appealing nor
does it smell great but the same can be said about brussels sprouts and that we
know is good for you. I truly do believe that the Marilyn Hair Treatment is
good for my hair. I apply the treatment directly onto my dry hair 20 minutes
prior to my usual shampoo and condition. After I used the product, my mother
(the critic of all critics) commented on how full, blonde and healthy my hair
looked. Every time I use the product I have a great hair day. Not only does my
hair look good but it feels as soft as silk too.
The 225g tub retails at R155.00 and provided me with about 6
treatments but this is mostly due to the fact that I have very fine hair, I’m
sure girls with thicker or more hair would diminish the product a lot faster. I also don’t believe my hair got progressively blonder
throughout the treatment. The brightness only existed directly after the
application. Nonetheless, the treatment has come to be my hair’s Sunday
afternoon staple.
Also photographed in the picture is the Sunny Side bubble
bar. If you haven’t tried a Lush bubble bar or bath bomb, get familiar! There
are so many to choose from; they all smell so great and transform bath time
into a good time. Sunny Side particularly, turns your bath water into a glittering
gold liquid topped with a generous layer of whispering bubbles. The water
becomes divinely soft and in turn makes your skin soft without leaving any gold
or glitter residue on your skin (the same however cannot be said for the bath
tub). Your bathroom is enveloped by a tantalising citrus aroma which no words
can actually do any justice. At R48.50 a pop it’s not cheap but well worth it.
If you cut your bar in two then you can delight in the experience more than


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    February 28, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    You're back! And with a vengeance – LOVE the way you write. Your beauty reviews are the only ones that don't bore me to death.

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      March 2, 2014 at 6:49 pm

      Thanks Tam!!! That means a lot coming from you because I know you're not a "give compliments you don't mean" kinda girl!

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    Chicara - Lipgloss Kisses
    March 10, 2014 at 8:31 am

    I always spot the sunnyside bubble bar and it always looks so pretty. I will definitely try it now. Great review. :)

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