{Beauty Review} Bvlgari Le Gemme

Drawing from its heritage as a maker of exquisite jewellery,
Bvlgari’s latest fragrance range, Le Gemme, is inspired by semi-precious gems
such as the amethyst and peridot to name but a few. In addition, each fragrance within this collection of six draws character from some place in the world. But before I
discuss the story and scent behind each fragrance, let me tell you about how I
was introduced to the collection.


The afternoon started at Day Birger Et Mikkelsen store in Hyde Park Corner where I fell in love with some beautifully structured pieces of clothing.
One such piece being an invertible trench coat that will see me through all the
seasons. Next, it was off to the famous
Tashas restaurant for some tasty treats. While nibbling on some macarons, I got
to experience the opulent fragrances first-hand and be enchanted by their



Amarena takes you South of the Equator to the colours, music,
scents and lushness of Brazil. It is a blend of Amarena Cherries, Rosa
Centifolia and Indian Tuberose.



Ashlemah is inspired by the amethyst – a symbol of perfect
balance. It includes notes of Lavender Essence, Iris Absolute and Musk.



Calaluna draws influence from the thriving lands of Sri
Lanka as well as from the moonstone. A blend of White Iris, Heliotrope and
Sandalwood envelops you in a unique aura of comfort, protection and well-being.



Lilaia is inspired by the peridot and ancient Egypt. The
green colour is emblematic of life, prosperity and regeneration. It contains
Galbanum, Mastic Absolute and Musk.



Maravilla is inspired by the gem of the morning sun, the
citrine. It captures the essence of the sunlit Iberian Peninsula. With notes of
the Italian Lemon Tree, Orange Flower Absolute and Indonesian Patchouli Essence.



Noorah is influenced by the turquoise stone as well as the silk and
spice routes of the Orient. It brings together notes of Narguile Vapors, Candied Dates and Laotian Benzoin.


How special are these, right!? Each bottle unique and personalised. The Bvlgari Le Gemme fragrances are available at Hyde Park Corner. Pop by and give each bottle a sniff. And hey, while you are at it, you might as well visit Day Birger and search for that coat or delight in a few macarons from Tashas – enjoy all that Hyde Park Corner has to offer.
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