{Beauty Review} Smashbox Lip Lacquer



As much as I love completing my make-up look with some colour on my lips, I can’t stand it when the colour fades before I have even reached my destination. So after a tiresome search and the adjective  “long-lasting” losing all credibility, I stumbled upon the Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer from Smashbox.


These beauties are both legendary and long-wearing and thus I have to tell you all about them. The formula of the lacquer is creamy and glossy, giving your lips a fierce shine as you can see from the swatch below. You can also tell from the swatch that the lacquers are highly pigmented.


The main attraction of the Smashbox lacquers however is the staying power that is tested and true – not merely a marketing phrase. The gloss and intense pigment do fade but the staying power is in the beautiful stain that is preserved on your lips until it meets the cotton wool pad drenched in make-up remover and then it stills puts up a fight. Like I said; tested and true. In fact, a friend of mine confirmed my findings when she voiced her disbelief that my lip colour was still evident after an afternoon of wine and giggles. These lacquers are everything I want a lip product to be. Available in a variety of colours from Smashbox counters in Foschini and Woolworths. The price tag, at R290 per lacquer, is hefty but worth it.




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