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Undoubtedly, the love I have for my family, friends and fur babies is unremitting and eternal. However, as any of the aforementioned (human) parties would attest to; my love for music and shoes is next on my love list.

Music and shoes – a complimentary pair. Similar to salt and vinegar or shampoo and conditioner. Whether I am listening to some Ed Sheeran tunes on the couch donning my fluffy sheepy slippers or breaking it down on the dance floor with my killer heels, I am happiest when great music and pretty shoes are a part of my everyday life.


Something that is also particularly enjoyable is coming home to a delivery from Superbalist.Com. The joy that overcame me when I saw the big box on the kitchen counter is a joy that I’m sure most of you can relate to. Online shopping is just the best and with these delicate yet edgy, open-toe pair of heels from MissGuided, appearing fashion forward is a guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Deezer app for all your favourite tunes and head over to Superbalist.Com. Search for the perfect heels to accompany you as you walk to the beat of your own drum.


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