Clothes are about more than looking good. Clothes carry memories that evoke certain emotions. I smile when I hold the dress I wore on the infamous girls night I had with my best friends, I remember the dress I wore the night I met that guy and the outfit I wore when he broke my heart. The dresses I received my degrees in and the feeling of pride and accomplishment attached. And of course there are the clothes I look at in dismay and think “what was I thinking” and blush as I relive the moment in my mind.

I’m a total girly girl, as I’m sure you would have deducted by now. Playing with make-up is a close second to playing in my closet. I believe that make-up is to a great outfit, what real cream cheese icing is to a red velvet sponge – necessary!

Seams and Silhouettes is my little piece of the world wide web and it provides me with so much joy and creative relief. I’m no expert. I’m just a girl… with a genuine love for all things pretty, documenting it as I go along and would love to interact with you as I chronicle the life and times of my closet and beauty draws.


  • femmegypsy
    February 4, 2013 at 11:28 am

    This is a SPOT ON bio of you!! I can hear you in my head whilst reading it (and can picture you organising it your week's wardrobe every Sunday! haha). Could not have said this any better Ali.

    Well done on the start of your blog, definitely going places! Cannot wait to for some fashion inspiration from you.